le spose di carla: virginia
Carla's brides: Virginia

Made up of 90 meters of tulle and other fabrics (duchesse, rigid tulle, organza), Virginia's was truly the most elaborate and particular dress I've ever made!

I did a bit of research on the model I had in mind for her, and on a small mannequin I made her what would be her real dress. There were layers and layers of tulle, the draped bodice, the sleeves to remove during the ceremony ... I had created the dress for my bride who, as soon as she saw it, said "Yes, it's it!"

I think I made that dress in less than a month. I spent many nights sewing all the layers of tulle by hand, I couldn't wait to see it finished!

During the last test I created the right atmosphere, I dressed my bride who in the meantime had her eyes closed, there was a dear friend of hers to help me, in the background there was the music of Cinderella (Dreams are wishes ...) , and once positioned in front of the mirror I made her open her eyes. My bride at that moment cried with happiness!

On her wedding day, she and her daughter wore the same dress.

I accompanied her to church and I was moved throughout the ceremony. She was beautiful, the crystals made a crazy play of light!

These are the memories that a seamstress will always carry with her.


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