Your man has asked you to marry him and your first thought is "I can finally wear the dress of my dreams"?
Well, I read your mind!

Making a wedding dress is an art, it is the exaltation of creativity!
It's important that you wear the right dress, the one that makes you feel beautiful, and every time you see it you fall in love with it.

To understand this there is a careful study of personality, that dress must reflect your being a woman. We will have a good chat, I want to know what you like to wear, what you would like your dress to have, some details that struck you; I will collect all the information and prepare some sketches so the next time we meet you will choose the right one.
We will then go and buy the most beautiful and quality fabrics!

We are ready for the first tests, remember to bring with you a pair of heels of the height you would like to wear that day, you will buy the definitive ones as soon as we have decided on the definitive model. During the first rehearsals your dress will be just a sample, in this way we have the possibility to change some detail or model, it is important that you feel free to choose, it is your dress do not forget!

Finally we can try on the final dress, now we can choose all the accessories, rhinestones, embroidery, decorations for the hairstyle, bracelet, necklace, the choice is very wide but you can count on my support, my eyes already see you with the dress worn, incredible isn't it?

There are so many ideas to offer you, a dress that can "transform" during the ceremony, or even wear a completely different new one at the time of the cake, my creativity will be a source of inspiration for you too!

When the dress is almost finished you will experience a strong emotion, there are those who cry, those who are moved, those who stand in front of the mirror to admire themselves ... the women are all different and each is unique.

The day of your wedding has arrived, I'll be there to dress you up, take some pictures together and my "task" ends here. We will talk when you want, I want to be updated on everything!