Carla's brides: Valeria

I met Valeria in the summer of 2010, we worked together in a tourist village, she was the choreographer and I was the costume designer. Since that summer we have become inseparable. Twice she was my model, once in Rome and once in Ascoli Piceno.

When she announced that she was getting married that year, I immediately thought that I should somehow make her dress, she lives in Puglia and I am in the Marche region.

Her wedding lasted two days, not surprisingly it was the classic wedding in the south!

I made for her the dress she would have worn in church. She sent me a photo of a dress she wanted to wear, and that's where it all started. Not having her measurements, I made her buy a sheath dress which I then modified with hand-sewn lace and crystals. In the meantime, at home I sewed the tulle skirt and the rebrode lace shrug. Crystals were everywhere there too, I love the play of light they make!

The night before I came to her, her dress was in a big box, when she saw it she literally went crazy with happiness! During the night I changed her sheath dress and the next day I went to her in advance, waited for her to get ready and dressed her surrounded by her friends and cousins. I remember that there was background music coming from my phone, and she was chatting excitedly and saying "you must know that Carla sewed a dress in one night!".

My friend Valeria was beautiful, very beautiful!


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