Carla Eusebi - Collezione sposa 2022

During the day when women are celebrated, emblems of strength, determination and courage, I present to you Isabella, a very sweet girl who turned to me for her custom wedding dress.

I still remember our first meeting in my Atelier, where we met and started jotting down some ideas. The hooded cape, similar to mom's, was our starting point and from there we developed everything else. Together we chose the color, silver/pearl gray, perfect for an autumn wedding.

The making of her dress was very interesting, each fitting helped us gradually to define all the details and the changes to make. The cape with the hood, the most important accessory, immediately gave a fairytale touch to the dress, already made special by the color and the silver tulle.

It was nice to know and work for this strong and sweet Woman at the same time.

Happy International Women's Day to you, especially to Women who still want to dream wearing a made to measure wedding dress.

Carla E.